Friday, June 21, 2013

Fearless? Nah.

So first off... let me give a shout out to my not-so-baby-seestor! Can't believe she turned 17 today.. unreal I tell ya... .UNREAL!! 

Okay... still no news about this home... kinda not saying anything until everything is officially done. So, you're just gonna have to wait. Until then... enjoy the number 2 question of the 30 day challenge.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and describe how they became fears.

Number 1... easy... Clowns.
How "it" became a fear. Well, I think you can answer that yourself. creepy. creepy. and even more creepy. I think that episode of Power Puff Girls with that clown that turns into a black and white mime had something to do with it? Although it has a happy ending... like in this cute video...

Number 2: Spiders
How those creepy crawlers became a fear? My mom made me watch Arachnophobia. And the fear started.

Number 3: Losing my Hubby
Okay okay... kinda sentimental but it really is a legitimate fear! How it became a fear? Well... I just can't live without him! He's my second half! I still don't' know how we are living apart right now. I'm kinda going crazy. I would lose my mind without him in my life! Love you babe! 5 MORE DAYS till we get to see each other again! WOO HOO!!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Clearly, I'm away from my hubby...

Okay so, obviously my husband and I are not in the same State right now if I have THIS MUCH time for blogging! I miss him... but this is kinda a cool hobby! I stole this questionnaire from a Pinterest blog and I thought it was a fabulous idea! This blogger did it to have as a keep sake for her children which... I think it just a great idea! We don't have any children yet! but I still think it's a cool idea for the future! AND... i've always liked to look back at past blogs like XANGA!... and look and see how funny and silly I was as a teen! So... I was going to list all 30 questions BUT... i like the element of SURPRISE! 

The first question is... List 20 random facts about yourself!

  1. My name is Alicia Breeana Olivas Martin Sleep 
  2. I am married to the perfect guy for me! and I absolutely love him with all of my heart!
  3. I work at Cafe Zupas... and LOVE it!
  4. My favorite music artist?... easy choice... Mr. Buble!
  5. I really love to find TV shows and become obsessed with them.
  6. I was married in the Salt Lake City temple to my forever love!
  7. If you put my first initial and my last name together it's: Asleep... which makes for an easy joke
  8. ...My favorite number!
  9. I have really big curly 80's hair and think it's pretty sick
  10. I have a secret obsession with Katy Perry.
  11. F.R.I.E.N.D.S... need I say more?
  12. My favorite subject in school is... oh wait... I'm not in school...
  13. I am and will always be in love with anything LOTR. sorry not sorry
  14. I like to smile, smiling's my favorite
  15. I really like the hot weather! BRING IT VEGAS!
  16. On occasion... I pretend my shampoo bottle is a microphone and I'm a rock/pop star!
  17. I don't care what anyone says, Apple products are da bombdiggity
  18. Don't cross my in a dark alley... I DO carry pepper spray.
  19. We are currently in the process of buying our first house... don't tell anyone... I don't wanna jinx it!
  20. uuhhh.... I love Facebook.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First trip to the ER...

Okay so, it is kinda personal why in fact I even had to go to the hospital BUT... this experience was so horrible that I feel the need to blog about it :) So Monday morning I woke up and was getting ready for work and started to have a stomach ache. I thought was the "time of the month" cramps so I was just gonna suck it up and start my 45 min trek to work! As i was driving my stomach started to hurt a little more. Finally when I got to work I had to use the bathroom. and... let's just say blood was coming out of a certain area that it shouldn't come out of! I was kinda scared but continued my day! I called my mom and Daniel to see what they thought it was. Neither of them knew haha. In fact, any nurses we asked also didn't know! They gave us some options (which really weren't good ones) and THAT didn't comfort me at all!
I decided to leave work early and my mom and I went to an Urgent Care. And let me just say... this was the WORST service i have EVER received EVER!!! The check-in ladies were mean. Our first nurse was AWFUL and to top it off, the "doctor" was even worse! I had this horrible feeling while sitting in the lobby. It was just so sketchy and I felt really restless while sitting (partially because I felt like poop... no pun intended). When we finally got back to see the doctor a man who HARDLY SPOKE ANY ENGLISH ended up being the doc. "SERIOUSLY?!?!", I thought... this couldn't get any worse. Well, then he asked me to remove my pants.. AW HAIL NO, BRAH!! He made me feel super uncomfortable and ended up with me in tears! He told me we had to go to the ER ASAP.. which again.. made me feel just AWESOME! 
So...we made our way over to the ER. What a really really long process. Luckily, at least these guys were nice and very welcoming and that made me feel so much better. So first we waited in the waiting room for 30 min... then they moved us to another room to take some vitals and get more info about what was going on

I ended up having to get an IV because they were going to do a CT scan to see what was going on inside my stomach. This was probably the worst part of it cause the nurse missed the first time. and I was super uncomfortable because my stomach was killing me and now my body was starting to get sore. 

Finally after sitting very uncomfortably they moved me to a different place and made me drink this very gross substance mixed with apple juice. I had to drink it over the course of an hour. and by this time it's late and I'm exhausted and just want to know what's wrong!!!!! So I finally finished the gallon of substance and they took me for the CT Scan... and now THAT was weird. They injected the stuff in me and it literally left like I was wetting my pants! CRAY CRAY! After the CT scan we waited some more to see if we would finally get some results! They put more fluids in me since I was losing blood. FINALLY a doctor came in to see us and basically said they found nothing wrong. My next thought was "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" That stinky doctor sent us here to find out nothing?!?!? I basically just have a serve case of the flu. They gave me some antibiotics and something for the pain. 

I will say... I was a little disappointed that we didn't find out anything since this was something that wasn't normal AT ALL! But i did have to change my thinking and be very very grateful that there was, in fact, nothing wrong! I have been sick the past couple of days but do see that I am getting better. It took a good 6 hours to figure out that it was nothing but I would have rather figured it out then thinking that there was something seriously wrong and could have gotten worse if I didn't get the medication I needed! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Trip back to Utizzle

Yep, that's right... I was only in Vegas a week and needed to go back to Salt Lake to see my babe. After that last post, you could probably tell I'd miss the crap out of him! He's my best friend! and I didn't really realize how much I really need him everyday in my life! It's been hard but going back to see him was awesome! I even got all cute before my flight!

I was really excited and wanted to just get to Utah! however, my flight was delayed about an hour or so! It was crappy! and I always seem to get pilots that are training or something cause my last couple of flights have been awful! But.. i didn't care! I just wanted to get there! As soon as I landed I was starving so we went to our favorite fine dining... Cheesecake Factory :) it was great! We sat outside in City Creek! It was a beautiful night and a great chance to catch up! The next day we went to Lagoon for his work party! It was super fun! We don't really care for amusement parks all that much but we had fun riding the sky ride (a nice easy ride that takes you above the park!) and!... We won an awesome CAMERA!!!!!! WOOO!!!!!

That night and the next day we did what we do best... NOTHING! haha! It was fun to just watch netflix all night and just be with each other! We also had fun with Tiffany's cats. I really miss him... only 2 more weeks till we see each other again!!!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

When the daylight comes I'll have to go. . .

Our theme song the last couple nights I was there was "Daylight" by Maroon 5. It was getting so close and I couldn't believe I was actually leaving him! There was a lot a tears (on my end haha) and I tried so hard to not think about it our last night together!
Luckily, we were able to have some fun before I had to go! The day before I left we moved everything into a storage unit and cleaned our old apartment all morning! We went out to lunch and then headed down to Thanksgiving Point! We decided to get a hotel and get away from real life for a day! We stayed at the Marriott and it was super nice!!! 
After we checked in to our hotel, we went to the Gardens thinking we were going to spend a half hour or so. We ended up staying for 4 hours!!! It was SUCH a beautiful day and we had a blast!!

After the Gardens we went back to the hotel and swam and played games like little kids in the pool. It was a blast!! We got ready and went to dinner right next to our hotel! I had a very expensive steak and it was SO WORTH EVERY PENNY!! haha! It was so great to be able to spend some great time together before I left! I was pretty sad the next morning and I really did NOT want to drive away from him! I miss him everyday but I know it's all worth it! 

A crazy life update...

There have been some crazy and wild changes in the Sleep home this past month (and no I am not prego! :) We are moving to LAS VEGAS!!!!!!! Actually... I have already left! and Daniel is staying until August :( I accepted a job offer from Cafe Zupas to relocate to Las Vegas! I got a different position that I am absolutely loving!
It was and wasn't an easy decision to move to Las Vegas. In fact, I went a tad bit crazy the first week because it wasn't a for sure thing yet but we really wanted to go! The Lord taught me a lot of patience! I actually gained a bigger testimony that week as well. I could physically see the Lords hand in our life and after all of our hard work, our prayers were being answered in a way that we didn't think possible! I'm so grateful for the Gospel! 

So now that this transition is in play, I wanted to start to keep up my blog since we've moved away from friends that would maybe want to keep up with our lives! AND... I want to keep track of my feelings and different things that happen during this move!
One of the depressing things that is happening is Daniel and I have to be away from each other till August! IT SUCKS! But it is one of the sacrifices we are making for this adjustment! The first week was really REALLY REALLY hard! and I ended up going back that first weekend and it was even HARDER to leave him again! This week was a little easier since I'm feeling more at home here! 
So here's the first blog update about the big move! There will be more to come about the little adventures we have along the way!!!! 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 20th- TWO YEARS?!?!?!?!

Okay okay... I haven't written since like August and it's basically DECEMBER.. EN BEE DEE! A lot has happened since August... we moved!... Again... :) This will have been the freaking 4th time since we've been married that we've moved. I almost didn't want to tell anyone we were moving cause... it sounds RIDONCULOUS!... because it is! :) haha! Basically the reason is our last place was way over priced and with us trying to purchase a house, it was impossible to save up! SO... we live in a hole in the wall... literally! BUT... at least I can go to CheeseCake Factory and not want to kill myself after I see the bill. (you know what i mean?) 
This semester has been UH-MAAAAZING! I have absolutely love LDSBC and have been kind of upset that I just didn't start here... Try not to think I wasted 4 years.... heh. :| OH WELL. I have straight A's (knock on wood) and can't believe there is only 2 WEEKS left in the semester! =D 
Another awesome thing that happened in the month of November- my 2nd year anniversary... HOLY SHEESH! I can't even believe it has been two years! WOO! I am SO IN LOVE with my babe, and it has been a crazy and fun two years and I can't wait to spend forever and eternity with Daniel. :) We had a great Thanksgiving weekend celebrating (which, I did NOT have to plan- it was excellent!) We went to Market Street Grill (BEST FISH EVA!!!! They fly their fish fresh everyday!), we shopped at City Creek, where Daniel let me pick out my Anniversary Present :):
My Beautiful Coach Bag!
After that the plan was to go see the Christmas Lights at Temple Square (Where we were sealed:) BUT... a stupid migraine had to come and RUIN it all!!!!... Oh well.. the weekend was still awesome! 

2 Wonderful Years with my Baby Boo Boo

Now-I am looking foreword to the semester being over and going home to VEGAS FOR CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!... Daniel and I haven't been back to visit for Christmas the whole time we have been married - i'm stoked! 

Anyways- Life is excellent.