Friday, June 21, 2013

Fearless? Nah.

So first off... let me give a shout out to my not-so-baby-seestor! Can't believe she turned 17 today.. unreal I tell ya... .UNREAL!! 

Okay... still no news about this home... kinda not saying anything until everything is officially done. So, you're just gonna have to wait. Until then... enjoy the number 2 question of the 30 day challenge.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and describe how they became fears.

Number 1... easy... Clowns.
How "it" became a fear. Well, I think you can answer that yourself. creepy. creepy. and even more creepy. I think that episode of Power Puff Girls with that clown that turns into a black and white mime had something to do with it? Although it has a happy ending... like in this cute video...

Number 2: Spiders
How those creepy crawlers became a fear? My mom made me watch Arachnophobia. And the fear started.

Number 3: Losing my Hubby
Okay okay... kinda sentimental but it really is a legitimate fear! How it became a fear? Well... I just can't live without him! He's my second half! I still don't' know how we are living apart right now. I'm kinda going crazy. I would lose my mind without him in my life! Love you babe! 5 MORE DAYS till we get to see each other again! WOO HOO!!

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  1. I can quote that entire episode of powerpuff shame. I even made Josh watch the whole thing so he'd know what I'm talking about when I quote it.